Comedian George Carlin was prolific in his interpretations of all manners of human behavior in response to stimuli. One of his most enjoyed skits was about owning materialistic goods and the quest to store this “stuff.” As the stuff accumulates with age, more area is needed to protect these items from theft and from the weather. This requires shelves and storage. Sheds were invented for items that will rust or are wanted by another human if it is not removed from sight and locked up. Garages were designed for transportation devices, but over time became great locations to store more goods. Basements are an excellent location to store seasonal shit and require shelving to keep the decorations off the damp floor to prevent mold. Attics can double as backup basements, but headroom and lack of temperature control limit the contents. Pole barns can really store a warehouse of crap, but building codes limit their usage. When 1 fills up, another can be built until the entire lot looks like a military installation. Rich people, if allowed, would love to put a roof over the entire terrestrial area of the earth in order to keep all their shit out of the elements. In time as they acquired more crap and filled their pole barns to the breaking point, they would look to the surface of the moon and contemplate for more storage capacity. In nature, one needs to look at how she stores stuff because she possesses the wisdom of the ages. In humans you have roughly 20′ of small and 5′ of large intestine and it takes around 36 hours to pass your meal. You also have a stomach and ass to carry fat reserves. Nature has no pole barns for storage of air, food or water built into her creatures. So, take a hint from Ma Moxie and know that if it can’t fit in 25′ of a fire hose, or hang within 3 fat bags with a 75-pound capacity each in the form of your stomach and your 2 ass cheeks, then, in reality, you don’t need it. You can rent what you require and return it when you’re done. PEOPLE!

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