Using internet data, the USA is considered the richest country in the world with its yearly average of 20 trillion-dollar Gross National Product. As far as its citizens’ total assets, it also ranks #1 at $60 trillion. But averaging the annual income per person per year, it comes in at #11. Why the disparity? It is due to the large numbers of poor people within its borders that lower the per capita numbers to roughly $65 grand, GDP/PPP that uses international money to keep everything in parity. So just down the road from multi-million-dollar structures are homeless people in tents. Within a few miles of affluent neighborhoods with 10,000 sq.’ mansions, that house 3 or 4 people, are a dozen vagrants who live under bridges. As successful individuals utilize their million-dollar home bases, they also own a beautiful vacation home in a resort type setting up north and a comfortable 400 grand condo down south for the winter months. Compare this to a trailer court that uses campsite showers and toilet block buildings for the residents of a 40’x12′ mobile home that has been divided into 3 separate units. Throw in some mental and physical health issues, with out-of-control drug use that was created by pharmaceutical companies dumping addictive drugs via doctors, amongst the population and you get a head shaking world of extremes that defies common sense. The haves and the have nots. The excessives and the expletives. The ridiculously rich and the pathetically poor. Communism was supposed to cure that scenario, but as long as humans have a drive to climb up on a heap of humanity to get an outstanding view by stepping on the less fortunate, nothing will change. In a country where wealth and material goods are coveted and idolized to the point where this becomes the barometer of success, more poor are required to sell their goods to. You are living in a giant experiment that makes this country one of the best places in the world to live in. Be proud.

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