Encrypted into the soft gray matter that our jelly jars’ (skulls) cradle are tons and tons of weightless memories. How these memories are stored and retrieved are a mystery as electrochemical processes are constantly reworking the thought vaults. Perhaps there are banks of VCR tapes that store these stories lying in another dimension but accessible to us in our lifetime. When remembering our 6th or 8th birthdays, a visual program starts playing in our heads as we watch what we perceived, we experienced 30 or 50 years ago. Your brother Billy was making silly faces as your mom, 6 friends, and 3 cousins sang along. If parts are missing, the director (you) will automatically fill in any blank spots as the episodes play out in their entirety. When finished, the VCR tape is extracted from the player and stuck back in the thought vault, to be viewed again in the future. Over time the quality of this tapes diminishes and the tape player itself begins to fail. When searching for that birthday tape in your 60’s, you noticed that those people in your video are still there, but their names and faces are fading. This doesn’t matter as this memory is STILL there. Gone is the tape of which was recorded yesterday of your performance of a geriatric human being going down the hall to the bathroom and arriving 5 minutes too late. Also missing is the tape of you watching TV for the last 30 minutes of which you don’t have a clue as to the content. The producer in your head knows what’s important and what scenes get cut out. Still sitting in that treasured memory vault are tapes of your youth, faded but still functional and emotionally entertaining. This is where the expression originated: YOUR LIFE FLASHES BEFORE YOUR EYES JUST BEFORE YOU DIE. In reality, you’ve been reviewing all your happy highlights of some of the best moments of your life with a satisfying glee, as you wait patiently in a world with a broken camera that stopped recording mundane events years ago. 

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