With smart weapons and John Deere equipment, the BROWN COLLAR WORKERS (BCW), are going to lose their importance. In the old days, they made perfect soldiers that could endure harsh climates and survive deadly onslaughts of pestilence and pissed off people. Armies loved them because they worked with their hands and could crush an enemy’s neck if they ran out of ammo. Now, with weapons of messy destruction, the hordes they used in the past to rush an installation are no longer needed. The same thing with farming is also occurring. Using farm machinery to perform mundane tasks that only require diesel fuel, the BCW are losing their purpose. What keeps them around are the 4th group that rarely gets mentioned; the GOLD COLLARED CROWD (GCC). These elites dictate the rules as to how the other 3 groups are going to live. Unlike individuals, corporations, or states that require budgets to operate, these COUNTRY owners operate printing presses and manufacture money to accomplish whatever they want. If they need 14 nuclear powered aircraft carriers, they build them. If they want stealth bombers to protect their financial assets, they buy them. And, if they want bunkers to hide in when the shit hits the fan, they procure them. They do not use their own money. They merely stain cotton cloth rectangles and stick denominations on them to accomplish their goals. The National Debt is a term coined to describe unaccountable and suspicious spending by the GCC to protect their privileged and extravagant way of life. In a democracy, where the minions get to vote for a candidate chosen by the GCC, the numerous BCW are taken care of financially. Using terms like Paycheck Protection and the CARES Act, the working classes are now paid with fictious funds hot off the money presses. Once the GCC figures out how to manufacture cheap food out of waste, the BCW will disappear into the slaughterhouses they work at now. Hot dogs are brown for a reason. 

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