In a goods and services driven society, there exists 3 types of workers to make it function smoothly. They are the White, Blue, and Brown Collar groups. The White Collars are the most educated section that earned its name from the white shirts that they used to wear to work before free choice became popular. They usually have an extensive education with degrees piled on top of them to showcase their problem solving (or creating) talents. They are responsible for engineering a product until it flies out of the development door over to the Blue Collars. This group builds the finished product and fine tunes the item to make it more reliable and easier to build. Usually high school educated, this is the most numerous and were named after the blue denim work shirts that they wore. The last group is an unrecognized collection of uneducated people who are used for short term, physically demanding, and sometimes dangerous, work. They are brought in to primarily perform labor in the food industry, whether it be harvesting crops or working with livestock from birth to slaughter. Their namesake is due to being constantly in contact with brown fecal matter either directly with the animals or indirectly by utilizing their fertilizers. Their careers revolve around shit, and their compensation is for shit. Migrant workers, who are overlooked crossing at the borders, are given leeway because the US demands that their food will be cheap to ensure starvation is kept in check. Employing Blue Collars to harvest crops would drive up the cost of fast food to unacceptable levels and deny doctors educated in the fat fields (diabetes and obesity) an adequate income. These shit serfs ensure a balanced economy and are allowed to survive as long as they are productive. Corporations utilize this labor force and avoid 100% robotics to perform these menial tasks to keep the costs low and ensure a purpose for humans whose importance isn’t much better than the pigs they tend.

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