As Saturday’s sun penetrated the windows of the mid-city duplex, where 1/2 of the crane incident lived, David was heading for work. With full time employment from a contractor and side jobs filling Saturdays, DD never really had any money problems. This allowed him to party and pay an occasional fine when the man got lucky and busted him doing some mischief in the form of a disorderly conduct or moving violation. Dave figured he averaged 1 bust/50 incidents. Pretty good odds to keep pushing the limit. After Mr. Dudd’s side job was complete, and $95 in cash was in hand, another trip to the same bar was required. Cleaned up and mealed down, 7PM was the witching hour and the youth of the 70’s commingled with the hammered, Silent Generation left over from the day crowd. Upon entering, Dave spotted the accomplice from last night, cracked a smile, and headed his way. They both laughed aloud. When confronted about what was so funny by nearby friends, the story about the llama encounter came forth without a word about the crane. That privileged information stayed with the 2 culprits until the statute of limitations expired. Jail is for braggers. When the 2 grinning goofs were reprimanded for bullshitting the audience about the llama encounter, the same “liar” label was resounded. Now when the LIAR label fits, you wear it well, but when the truth is judged a lie, 1 becomes angry that their word is not believed. This requires rectification to reestablish honor. The 2 amigos began plotting to kidnap that llama just to save face. When the bar closed, an afterhours party was found, so the llama heist was temporarily shelved. Sunday afternoon appeared just as the 2 were getting up from an all nighter. The plot was reactivated, and men and materials were recruited. One bar patron had a pickup truck with a tall camper on the back. With some beer and a plot to ponder, he quickly volunteered. With 1 more to help, the 4 some embarked on a mission to go steal a llama.

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