Armed with bolt cutters, tin snips, assorted hand tools, and 500 feet of 1″ green hemp rope stolen from a ski hill 2 months earlier, the 4 headed out to the suburbs at 6PM on a dark November evening. As they approached the A&W Root Beer Drive-in, the crowd was light as the upcoming winter removed most of the cravings for an ice cream dessert. Backing up the pickup to the darkest corner of the fenced-in corral, the outlaws could see the patrons who were unable to see them. Selecting the 2′ bolt cutters, DD made short work of creating a new gate in the road mesh fence and now it was a showdown between the curious llama and the 4 criminals. Not knowing the fight or strength of the domesticated camelids, 2-15′ lassos were cut off the 500′ bundle and pushed over the head of Rooti. Staying off to the side to avoid their nasty habit of spitting at those who annoy them, 2 rustlers gave a slight tug to get the 6′ tall animal coxed over to the truck with the back wide open. To everyone’s amazement, the hairy beast walked up to vehicle and jumped right into the back. Rooti wanted to escape his personal prison. The thieves closed the doors, jumped into the cab, and, with glee, drove off to the tavern that housed the disbelievers. Enroute, they encountered a small armada of trailing cars because the llama had pushed open the upper camper door and was traveling like a lab with his big fat head out the back. A series of turns in a residential neighborhood got rid of the gawkers and the door was now secured. Backing up to the bar’s entrance, the llama jumped out and stood ready amongst his liberators. With one holding the bar door open and 2 directing his movements, DD could not resist. He threw himself up on the fuzzy steed and rode that creature into the den of doubters. First silence, and then a roar of laughter, the llama cowboy on the back was now exonerated from his conviction of a liar. Llamas do exist, and there was one in its fabulous fur for all to see.

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