Closing the bar very early on Sunday morning, the individuals residing at the Animal Aquarium started their treks back home in intervals between midnight and 4AM, depending on the amount of money in their pockets. Credit cards were not the financial instruments of the times: cash navigated behaviors. When DD returned home at 3AM, the duplex was quiet as most of the party pirates started drinking at noon on Saturday. The llama in the furnace room had found an oversize hole in the wall where a furnace duct had exited and stuck his elongated head through the opening. DD laughed. How often does one see a wall mounted animal with his head bobbing around and joyful to be alive. Checking his water and food supply, DD retired to bed. The last thing he heard was storm window glass breaking as Rooti vented his frustration for being incarcerated. Before falling asleep DD thought, “That bastard has got to go.” Early Sunday afternoon as some of the residents congregated on the first floor, the doorbell rang. John Doe, a longtime resident of the second floor, answered the door to find 2 uniformed police officers on the porch. “Excuse me sir, but is there a llama living in the basement?” one cop asked. Being used to police questions due to alcohol activities, John responded with a rapid, “No! but we have an elephant in the attic.” All 3 laughed. The cops apologized, said they had to follow up on a report, and left without another question. The bitter bitch had ratted to the Man after her kids told the story of the llama in the basement. Now, it was finalized, that llama has got to go. That evening, DD loaded up Rooti in the van and headed for downtown. Going to the top of the parking structure of the highest building in the city, the plan was to get him in the building, put him on an elevator and send him to the top floor. The building was locked. SHIT! Due to time constraints, the “hot” llama was tied to a light pole on the parking structure and left to fate.

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