High noon hit the Animal Aquarium and the residents started to show life. In the attic was the Bird, who sang in a choir and did not fit in with the rest of the misfits. He has been escorted out of this story. On the 2nd floor was 3 bachelors, of which 2 were in construction and spent their Friday nights closing the bar that was 75′ away from their place of employment. No one is sure what the Navy veteran did outside of that Aquarium, but beer, pot, and laughter was all he did when he was home. Going down to the 1st floor, this was the most transitional level for guys going from bachelorhood to responsibility (marriage) and gave them a place to reflect back on after they died at the altar. Every year or 2, 1 would go off to the church with their significant udder and be replaced with another hard drinking, trouble-bound bastard. At the time, there was a mix. You had 1 that was engaged, 1 that was out of control when he drank, and a divorce’ that was thrown out of his life by the girl of his dreams. These 3 all worked at the same factory and met up at the Animal Aquarium when they were good and loaded. The divorced one got his 2 kids every Saturday and left an impression on the construction clown in the basement. If you want to complicate your existence, bring in child-runts and then get mad at your spouse. Going to the 1st floor to shower, DD came out and asked the residents if they wanted to buy a llama. Being an unusual question even for that nut house, it peaked their attention and finally 1 went down to the basement. That was it. For the rest of the day, people from their factory were coming and going all day long. The 2 kids fed the llama carrots and celery and made Rooti feel right at home. When the wild one put enough alcohol in himself, Rooti amazed everyone and spit square in his face. The party ended. Saturday evening came and everyone went to their favorite watering holes. The kids went back to their bitter mom and Rooti stayed home. 

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