Just like savings accounts and sex: after a withdrawal occurs, interest is lost. So too is news. As the winter forecast took hold, and the weather became the prime interest, no one cared about Rooti, the Symbionese Liberation Llama Army, or Vietnam anymore. The 1976 election year was here, and the candidates strutted their platforms for all to approve. By early summer, the parties had chosen their contenders and the TV’s filled with obnoxious promises. During this same period, 2 of the original thieves were plotting a recapture of their old victim. It unfolded like so: In the spring, David Dudd (DD) purchased a used Chevy panel van for side jobs and transporting anything that would fit in it. On a Friday evening, the 2 culprits who fired up the bridge crane were drinking in the same bar where the original incident occurred 9 months earlier. They were looking for an afterhours party when the bar closed, but on this rare occasion, none materialized. The bartender on duty was the same one from last fall and suggested to these 2 idiots that they should go back and get that llama again. They looked at each other, gave a why not look, and out the door they went. After a quick check for equipment available in the van, they headed west 20 miles and were now at the scene of the original crime. That bridge was now complete, and it would afford a quicker exit out of there. They backed the van up to the fence, opened the rear doors, and untwisted the patch wires that the llama owner had repaired last year. The 2 banditos stood with a set of battery jumper cables ready to harness the animal that they had kidnapped back in October. After 10 long seconds, Rooti walked through that opened fence untethered and stared at the back of that yellow van. Without assistance or encouragement, that South American pack animal from the Andes jumped in and, very shortly, the 3 of them were headed back to the big city to go and get into some old-fashioned trouble.

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