An interesting industry that arose out of recouping limited resources, such as metals, is the recycling companies that put these valuable commodities back into society. Requiring large lots, big buildings, and specialized equipment to perform these duties, huge corporations now rule this sector. Only specialized scrappers of rare metals, such as jewelers dealing with gold, silver, and platinum, can get by with smaller spaces and less employees. The big operations employ many specialized individuals from torch men to heavy equipment operators to 8 figure CEO’s that require constant salary upgrades to keep the hand shakers lubricated and their foyers full of artwork. It is the combination of all 3 that keep the scrappers constantly cheating their clients out of cash. With tainted scales, below market pricing, and faked ignorance of a metal’s true worth, they rob the peons that are collecting the metals, using their own transportation, and labor to forage for the dispersed treasures. With mostly poor people doing the individual scavenging, they are content to take any amount from the unscrupulous operators who hide the true scale numbers and keep them ignorant of any information that would pay a higher premium for the scrap that is mixed. This industry has been entrenched in deceit for centuries and see nothing wrong with the status quo. Anyone familiar with American law would know that the only state that allows this type of business to exist within their borders would be the Silver State of Nevada. This location is the only one approved for prostitution, and people who go there know without a doubt that they can easily be f**ked whenever they take their asses to this location. Scrap yards need to identify themselves as a red-light district, just like a lot of other nefarious businesses, just to let the customer know that a good f**king awaits them. Caveat Emptor is not a Latin phrase for an empty can of caviar. It is a guarantee that your ass will be violated. 

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