Utility Terrain Vehicle, or Utility Task Vehicle, is the designation for the latest Recreational Vehicles on the market. Starting with a dirt bike, then increasing by 1 wheel into a 3 wheeled ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle), this experiment ended quickly when closely spaced moguls sent it into a 180° flip that occasionally broke the rider’s neck. Following this was the 4 wheeled ATV with more stability, and it came in 1 or 2 rider versions. This more stable platform sometimes decapitated its riders with a quick trip into a hidden nest of barbwire. At present, the latest version is a 2- or 4-person vehicle that has the occupants sitting side by side behind a windshield and is, in reality, a small car with 4-wheel drive. With high end models having doors, roofs, and full street legal equipment, these have morphed into 1 of the safer and more comfortable rides. You can now travel off road, with optional heat and air conditioning. The green light has now been given to travel regular roads. They can be seen anywhere, except on US freeways or State highways. On weekends, they tend to cluster on backroads and lately are showing up in gangs similar to motorcycle groups of the 50’s. It is not uncommon to see 10 or 20 units sitting in front of a bar as the participants imbibe in Satan’s elixir (alcohol). With enough liquid courage, it won’t be long before UTV outlaw gangs start tearing up rural America. Equipped with 4WD, all terrain tires, high ground clearance, and huge horsepower, these marauders will avoid capture like the cowboys of 1800’s who rode off into the sunset in any direction they desired. With squad cars unable to follow these highly mobile gangs, police departments across America will fill their motor pools with souped up law enforcement versions and the competition will counter with extremely creative versions that will evade pursuing police. This scenario will play out to roving gangs of “rum runners” that will make drunk driver convictions a thing of the past. 

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