For every living person that had the joy to live and laugh on this planet, there comes a time when the sun must set. Nature allows you a spectacular, brief moment when you can reflect your life’s accomplishments and failures before the lights go out permanently. With the delivery date unknown, this special moment will come to all and takes place in a microsecond. Every Ma and Pa Greeny, that was cognitive enough to function amongst their own kind, will someday witness that serene and scarlet sunset. All the Ciscos and Ponchos that stumbled along will be looking for their bookshelf in life, and then realize if they fit in or if they fell off. As Poncho looks back at his history, he’ll see not only Moo Cow I and II, he’ll see the original Moo Cow that he took in his very early adult life. That one was dropped off at a party with a bell around its neck and a bright-eyed, glossy look of youth on its face. When picking it up a week later, it was riddled with shotgun blasts to the body. One of the tenants of this residence saw fit to aerate this creature and brought new insights to the diversity of human behavior. Holey Cow. Another time, when in a southern state, there was a 12′ fiberglass grizzly bear on a large trailer parked in a business’s lot. Poncho and his accomplice backed up to the monstrosity and drove it down the highway to give it to the 3rd shift waitress that was working at a 24/7 restaurant. She was trying to restart her troubled life and appreciated the humor. She denied any knowledge of the incident when questioned. Small gifts come in large packages. Fake deer, Halloween, and Christmas ornaments fell victim to the roving retard, yet no one died of hunger over it. Some were returned, but the vast majority were gifted to new individuals who saw humor in these antics. Every now and then, a story breaks out about a missing statue and suspicion arises amongst the crowd that has encountered this clown. He shrugs his shoulders and just smiles.

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