Overtime, as the months ventured on, new characters arise in people’s lives as others depart. Cisco moved on to other pastures as Poncho sought fresher pens. Working in the construction field, Poncho was constantly exposed to new worksite locations with different tradesmen that had very diverse personalities. When he was invited to a wedding for 1 of his new friends, Poncho figured he needed a special gift for his fun loving, hard-drinking buddy, so he took someone with him to go “shopping.” Being mid-winter with no snow on the ground, yet frigid temperatures, Poncho knew of another oil-based cow in the vicinity and, with prior experience in cattle rustling, it was quickly procured. Stopping at the local welding shop where beer bubbled 24/7, the new 1/2 sized cow was fitted with 4 roller skates so only 1 person was needed to move the motionless mammal. At the reception, the plastic moo cow was rolled out onto the dance floor and entertained the crowd until midnight. Moo Cow II over the next month was repeatedly dropped off and picked up at select people’s houses. Those that had a sense of humor were visited, and those that had a bitchy wife were not. Being in bars and showing up at parties, Moo Cow II was growing tired of the fast lane. She, too, wanted to settle down and have little calves called Hamburger and Veal of her own. Poncho agreed and, 1 lonely night, he headed for good old Greeny’s house to say his goodbyes. After placing it in the same location as the last one many months ago, Poncho drove away with a tear in his eye never to see the young cow again. With his juvenile lifestyle, he could never make her happy. When Greeny awoke and looked out the window in the winter’s darkness, there it was: another goddamn oil based cow. Not wanting to repeat the fiasco of the earlier incident, Greeny was thankful that someone had the skill to weld roller skates to this model, pushed the forlorn form into his garage, and went to work.

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