When looking at a map of Australia, 1 can’t help but notice that it is the shape of a Scottish Terrier with an axe hanging out of its neck. Down around the dog’s throat is his dog tag, hanging there, with the dog’s name on the map. The Terrier is called Tasmania. If you’re in Australia, you must travel to the dog tag. Dim bought a ticket to Tasmania and left his car at the Sea Cat High Speed Ferry Terminal. After waiting 8 hours for the waves to subside to 6′ maximum in the Bass Sea, the ferry departed for a 10-hour trip to the island. It was 1 hell of a ride in those swells. Upon landing, Dim rented a newer car for 2 days to check out the island. Looking like a top hat, with the brim near sea level and the crown raised to 5,000′, this escarpment contained scenery that was similar to the U.P. of Michigan. A switchback road climbed the face of the escarpment and took Mr. Deter into a conifer and lake-infested alpine. It was in this extremely remote land that Dim saw wild kangaroos. As they sprang away, 1 couldn’t help but see a whitetail deer that evolution had forced it up on its rear 2 legs. The mannerisms, coloring, and features screamed “deer with a pouch.” After driving around there for a day and seeing incredible scenery, it was time to take the rental car back to Devanport to catch a motel and tomorrow’s ferry back. It was a relief to have a dependable, safe car underneath him after driving that Wagon. Before he left, Dim took a couple of cassette tapes, along with a change of clothes over to Tasmania. It was now time to descend that switchback road that hung on the side of that escarpment. Putting in a 30-minute version of Beethoven’s 9th Choral Symphony and cranking the volume, Dim installed one of those few memories that can never get pried out of his brain. Picture a NASCAR driver tearing down a mountain track with a diverse chorus belting out German words, as he drove towards some of the most spectacular sights in all of Australia. PRICELESS!!


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