The distance via car from Sydney to Melbourne varies on the route taken. Following the coast, it takes around 16 hours at posted speeds, but if 1 is looking at museums, horticultural stops, zoos, and history locations, then the drive becomes a weeklong adventure. Driving on the wrong side of the road is also a learning curve until that and traffic circles become a secondhand skill. Eucalyptus (gum) trees of over 600 variants sprout up everywhere and the bird varieties they attract are unique. The marsupials are inquisitive, and the locals get up and go to work in the morning. When an Australian gets a flat, the male changes the tire while the female and children watch him work as they eat ice cream cones. People drive aggressively, yet yield, at times. Cars break, parents yell at their kids, and young couples fall in love. During the 1st week in Australia, Dim Deter saw typical human behavior as they ate apples and potatoes, swore, laughed, got mad, and helped people out. They were friendly and smug and jeered at you as they waved. They ignored and praised you and, in all aspects, were genuine human beings going about their business of being human beings. They were just Australians and now Dim was too, except he had a funny accent. As time wore on, Dim became more comfortable in his foreign surroundings as he drove, hiked, ate, slept, and showered in their motels at affordable rates. He watched their news and sports and, by pure luck, arrived during an election year. They bad-mouthed, yet supported, their candidates and when it was all over, everyone complained. These were real people with a few minor troubles, but they all lived for the future. During this 1st week, information came at Dim like a freight train, and he took in as much as he could. With 7 days behind him, the skyline of Melbourne rose in the distance, and Dim stayed in 1 spot for 3 days as he experienced a Greek heritage city sitting on the Southeast bottom of the great country of Australia.

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