As the machinery of human debauchery removal went down the street, the noise awoke Dim Deter at 6:30AM. The city of Sydney uses trucks that wash urine, feces, and vomit from the sidewalks every morning throughout the Kings Cross district. As Dim exited the hotel at 7:30AM, a hooker named Sandy had set up shop on the corner. A prostitute’s handshake consists of a wide smile to greet customers, but Dim was on a mission to buy a car, so he merely smiled back. Four car lots were in the area and they proved to be a disappointment for Mr. Deter. Back in the States, 1 could buy a high mileage car for around $500. This place was ridiculous. The cheapest car on any lot was $3800 Australian. Even with a favorable exchange rate, that vehicle was going to cost $2625 American, without any extra fees. Dim didn’t figure on that and would have to shorten his trip because of limited funds. Back at the hotel, he learned of a nearby parking garage where foreign people, who drove around the country, bought and sold vehicles. He was there in the afternoon and among the 20 cars present was a late 70’s Ford Station Wagon with 300,000 kilometers on it. The only trouble was that someone had stuck the steering wheel where the glove box should be. Being a British colony, they drive on the left side of the road and put the driver’s seat on the right side of the car. If you’re down under, it only makes sense to be backwards. A test drive with the owner from Denmark, and a deal was struck for $2500 Australian. The transfer would occur the next day. Sandy was finishing her shift and smiles were exchanged as Dim returned to his room alone. He needed Australian cash and that evening, he stayed in and memorized how to get out of Sydney southbound. The following morning, being awoken by the crud cleaner again, Dim waved to Sandy, got some money and procured the car. On his last night, Dim shopped, explored, and retired. At 10AM, Dim moved out, loaded up and put a rose in Sandy’s hand. Cheerio!

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