As science advances, common human decency retreats. At all the early 20th century weapon factories, workers were busy making nitroglycerin, dynamite, and smokeless powders, 24/7/365.25. As long as you paid people a fair wage, gave them a Christmas bonus, and threw in some fresh donuts, they didn’t give a shit what the end product was for. With a patriotic premise and a condemnation of their enemy’s abhorrent behavior, governments can get its citizens to do just about anything (short of working for free). As the war progressed and human limbs were instantly removed with explosive overpressures, fear arose about the axis using poisonous gases again. In 1938, the Germans had accidentally invented an insecticide that turned out to kill both the little 6-legged and the big 2-legged pests by interrupting nerve commands. They called it a nerve agent and that particular Kraut blend was Sarin. It becomes hard to breathe when the non-respondent diaphragm doesn’t move the lungs anymore. Building massive chemical plants, the US went into full production of producing multiple poisonous gases at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal, just beyond downtown Denver. They included chlorine and mustard gas, lewisite, napalm, and white phosphorus. As the Cold War heated up in the 50’s, that same location became the premier Sarin gas producer and used caged rabbits to reveal tiny leaks. When Mr. Bunny quivered, emergency shutdown was delivered. With some creative engineering they broke the organophosphate into 2 components to make it safer to transport, harder to detect, and created a new category of weapons called binary poisons. They may have received a 2-piece trophy. Not to be left out in the (b)rain, the British invented VX and the Russians came up with Novichok. Competition in annihilation is an obsession. Now with binary poisons lurking everywhere, 1 must wonder if it is safe to mix a Twinkie and a taco together. We may inadvertently create a fat bomb that will go off in our ass. 

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