Nature in its infinite wizz-dumb created life with 2 goals: 1) Reproduce and 2) Survive in order to reproduce. These prime directives are the reason for all living things to experience mating rituals. With the more complex organisms orchestrating elaborate courting concerts, humans have chosen to create an extensive industry around this exercise in ignorance amplification. A total 91.8% of humans are going to be: just slightly above, average, below, and way below average in intelligence. This coupled with the fact that religions and societies favor monogamous relations, humanity is inadvertently breeding in its own decline. As populations go up, brilliance dims. With the lack of any great inventions in the last 117 years since man has flown, nothing earth shaking has come forth. Nuclear weapons and the Internet don’t count. Vaporizing human beings, and letting stupid people vent, doesn’t serve as a major milestone in human development. If you want to put computing power to good use instead of marketing useless shit that people don’t need, utilize the technology to mate humans to suitable partners that will create intelligence. We have a giant database that shows what doesn’t work. It’s called a census. Procreating a city full of materialistic idiots only makes entrepreneurs rich and doesn’t add to man’s resume as: Master of the Universe. During natural courtship, when a man and woman are attracted to each other, intelligent people have misgivings about procreating with an individual they are not sure of. With contraception devices available for practice runs, thoughts drift towards a suspicion of maybe this is not the right mate. This is, in fact, an inborn fear that the offspring will be superior to both parents and overshadow their importance. Little Einstein could just teleport the scolding parents to the 5th dimension, and that will be their demise. A morbid fear of ending up in the Twilight Zone is the real reason why: That One Got Away. 

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