The year was 1965, and the month was mid-May. Spring had fully engaged as the tree canopies opened like green umbrellas and the birds sang their lungs out. That morning, you heard it for the first time. It was on that transistor radio you got from Montgomery Wards. You will carry that tune in your head until they throw dirt on your coffin. The song was called, I LOVE YOU and was sung by Billi Dix and the Chicks (BD&C), who were a 4 piece, all female band from Saginaw. It lasted 2 minutes and 41 seconds, had a killer bass rift, 37 different words and a simple chorus. You could not get enough of that song once the DJs flipped open your soul and permanently installed it in there. That song made complete sense; and, for the rest of the year, all you did was wait for that song on the radio. Four years later, BD&C were going to perform live in the big city near you. With your own car, you were taking your 3 best friends and were going to see them live and in concert. You did and what a night! The drummer had been replaced and the group only had 1 hit, but they were awesome. They hung around the music world for another 2 years before internal strife tore them to shreds. Decades later the BD&C regrouped with 2 original members and started hitting the State Fair summer shows. Your schedule never matched their tours, but you always loved them and THAT SONG. As your children grew and moved on, they always remembered that stupid song that got their parent hopping. To them it was dumb, but they noticed it made you happier than hell for some ungodly reason. Now you’re 61 and your kids bought you a ticket for the BD&C show at the Indian Casino for Tuesday. Only BD is left. She wears a welding curtain to hide her misshapen body and will not have to sing. Electronics duplicates her vocal cords from 1965 and the emotion overtakes you. You holler at the end of the song: SING IT AGAIN! Billi looks your way, but distance and a dead mike hides her response. SHUT THE FUCK UP! 

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