Twenty-year-olds Tammy and John just took their 2-year-old boy, Tommy, to the emergency room because he was lethargic and complaining he couldn’t breathe. The young couple just opened the door on a decade of specialists, medical intervention, and a skyscraper of insurance forms. What little suffering Tommy does not have, is access to is a central data bank of all that could have been learned about the human body since 1943. With the advent of the ENIAC computer, if humans had started recording all ailments and causes of death with 100% autopsies, the cadavers would have revealed subtle chemical discrepancies that would show multiple reasons for illness and over time produce a fast resolve to a medical incident. But we did not. Instead, we left the diagnoses to an elite group whose favorite line today is, TRY THIS. With 8 decades of Moore’s law, stating that computer speeds and capability doubles every 2 years, the amount of knowledge about the human body and its diseases would have been absolutely incredible. All you would have to do is put a small sample of sick Tommy’s tissue into an analyzer and by cascading through quadrillions of bits of information, 1 answer would reveal itself and Tommy could go home a happy, healthy boy. Let’s now travel to North Central New Mexico where the United States built an interactive computer that was just described, but for another purpose. This computer helps physicists build extremely deadly nuclear weapons theoretically so that if you change the amount of lithium 3, you can physically see displayed, the broadcast path of human vaporizing energy. It is absolutely amazing and top secret. What chance does a species that puts its children’s health at the interpretation of a profit motivated society have when its best, brightest, and most creative individuals are whisked up in college and carted away to high security labs to fine tune weapons with incredible technology? Poor Tommy died a decade later. No one could save him. 

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