To the southwest of Inverness, lies a rift valley going in that same direction that filled up with a large amount of fresh water and formed a lake. Around 22 miles long and nearly 750′ deep, the Loch Ness is reportedly home to an elusive sea monster called Nessie. Since 1934, rumors spread about the beast that cruised the lake and brought money-toting tourists and big, monster-hunting fishermen to this rural, depressed area. A newspaper article, along with a photo, showed Nessie in a black and white picture cruising the lake. Examining the evidence, it was concluded that she was amphibious and could probably hold her breath until it was dark, and no one was around. OK, now she’s official. When Dave drove the length of the lake on the north side, he spotted it on 4 occasions surfacing for air because of the 80-kilometer speed she had to maintain to keep up with Dave. They both rested at the impressive Urquhart Castle nearly halfway down the length of the lake. As of 1994, she was alive and well, traveling in a southwest direction. It’s amazing what an index finger with 2 inked in eyes on the fingertip and an oblique camera angle can do for verifying an old legend. Rounding out his final leg of the trip, David Nucale spent a day and a half walking around Glasgow and admiring the architecture and infrastructure of a city that is 14 centuries old. The Scots, through their structures, have mastered the masonry trade as the endurance of stone stands the life changing testicles of time. They are a proud collection of sturdy and hardworking individuals that take great pride in being a Scot even though they are incorporated into the United Kingdom (a collection of 4 different societies), who only a few centuries ago were common enemies. Their country is beautiful and full of stark landscapes that deserves a look see. Dave boarded his plane to America and thought how the human race is slowly morphing into a homogeneous collection of crazy creatures. Mar shin lat. 

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