For the next few days, Dave Nucale continued northeast and bounced between fishing villages and small farm communities that were located in protected river valleys. Coming from the heavy forests of lower Scotland, the trees were now scarce and struggled to survive. The English language had the same fate as it was replaced by Gaelic. This original language had a lot of throaty sounds, and Dave contemplated going up to the speaker and slapping him on the back to dislodge the imaginary fishbone stuck in his throat. He refrained as his Ugly American outlook was slowly being reined in. The interior landscape was brutal and barren; however, it still possessed the Scots propensity to build rock fences as these structures were visible going up a mountain and making one’s body hurt just viewing them. The highlanders were shepherds and had a lot of spare time to stay in shape. As Dave ran out of Scotland above water to the north, he marveled at the power of the sea trying to gobble up some more of the coastline. With high winds, low temperatures, and a liquid monster slowly eating your country, it was a wonder why anybody lived there. Perhaps, they enjoyed the 60° angled, cloud covered, boulder beaches that you would never get carcinoma from. Now going south on gravel roads, he ventured. Going through these unpopulated areas, his eye was always on the gas gauge and was happy he rented a small car. Although remote, he saw FedEx trucks and knew help was only a day away. Dropping back into Inverness, he would spend the night with better accommodations than the manger he slept in last night. The city is noted for 2 things: golf and Nessie. As the Scots take credit for inventing golf, in reality, it was 2 cavemen fighting on a rocky cliff that actually created it. One caveman used a judo move to throw his opponent over a 9′ cliff. The poor chap landed on a sharp rock that severed his head. The victor took his club and gave it a wack. It rolled into a hole. The rest is history.

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