In February 1994, David Nucale climbed aboard a Northwest Airlines (NW) jet headed for Glasgow, Scotland. If you travel, you must be flexible to change, or you might as well just stay home. As Mr. Nucale approached the ticketing counter in his home airport, he knew ground-based winter weather was blocking his eastbound path to Europe. In life, 1 will always encounter obstacles, but if lucky, you’ll find a Good Samaritan who will help strangers whether by employment or unselfishness. Meet Sherry, a NW ticketing agent who took Mr. Nucale’s ticket and fed it into her computer. Instead of, “I’m sorry, this flight has been canceled because your hub airport Detroit, is closed,” Sherry instantly searched an alternate route. Here was a professional woman who understood both geography and directions. She typed away on that computer for over 15 minutes straight, looking for any route that would get Dave to Glasgow by tomorrow morning. Hampered by full loads, time constraints to transfer, canceled connecting flights, and closed airports, she kept connecting lines in her head to get Dave to his destination. Finally, she found a solution. “Mr. Nucale, I can get you a flight that leaves in 25 minutes to New York. You’ll have 1 hour to transfer to Lufthansa airlines and that will get you to Frankfort, Germany early tomorrow morning. I got you on a connecting flight to Glasgow in which you’ll arrive 15 minutes earlier than your original itinerary.” Mr. Nucale walked away with new tickets in his hand and a forever memory of superb Sherry. This reroute also created other emblazoned visions as Dave flew over the construction portal for the soon to open Chunnel between England and France. He was impressed with the security guards at Frankfurt that wore impeccable dress clothes and carried automatic Uzis. But his best memory of the day was looking out his window and seeing the Glasgow runway straight away. Dave was in his very first 45° crab crosswind landing. Impressive as hell. 

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