On just about any exotic trip, human nature dictates that you pick up something from a foreign land. In Mr. Nucale’s case, it was an ugly virus. Being in 4 airports and on 3 different airplanes, Dave hit the jackpot and picked up an unhealthy strain of WTF? It needed an 18-hour incubation period before it gained access into his cell receptors, multiplied, and left a telltale warning that he was going to be ill. Prior to that, David grabbed 1 of those backwards cars the English use to transport themselves around. He headed east on the wrong side of the road towards Edinburgh to explore the countryside and the country’s Capitol. Dave found castles from the 8th, 11th, and 12th century in different stages of decay and spent hours climbing around them, admiring their skills and the amount of manually moved rock they contained. He secured a hotel in the downtown area and past experience told him to get it for 3 nights on a 10-day trip. The body knows. The next morning with body aches and a raspy cough, Dave headed out for the country and was astonished at the breathtaking views of the forested hills overlooking the North Sea. In the late afternoon, chills set in, and Mr. Nucale retired to his room, his hot bath, and cans of soup for 2 more evenings before his 41-year-old body said, “let’s get going.” Back in the car with the steering wheel hanging out where an American glove box should be, Dave was now northbound along the coast heading for Aberdeen. Crossing checkered farmlands, he noticed every property had a 3–5-foot rock wall surrounding it. If the property went up a 45° slope, so did the rock fence. These Scotsmen must have moved a trillion tons of boulders since the 1st century AD, when they organized to repel the Romans. Tough people. Upon arrival in Aberdeen, Dave got a hotel room that was booked for a wedding that night. Feeling better and using OTC drugs to control mucus production, he headed downstairs to the dining room. Dave decided to crash a party. 

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