Chemistry is the science of creating compounds out of elements or vice versa. Using electron orbits to create or break bonds between chemical components, this field requires above average intelligence to perform the technical savvy operations and geniuses to envision them. With a limited number of elements to work with and minerals containing rare elements that are located in hostile locations, procurement is difficult. Rare Earth Metals fall in this category. These are sought by industries in high tech electronics, superconductors, and high efficiency batteries. With a limited amount of raw ingredients, new methods are sought to pry them loose from a group of compounds that contain them. The big push today is a futuristic industry of highly efficient batteries that is estimated to be in the trillions of dollars. Requiring these rare earth metals that are mostly found in China, this puts the US at a disadvantage. If it were a smaller, less populated, and weak military country, it would be simple: we would just take it. However, this modern, nuclear armed country is full of billions of little Yins and don’t care too much to sell it to the arrogant Yang-kees, so alternative plans have been secretely hatched. It seems that a recently launched Chinese virus has been discovered that chemically combines small amounts of the rare earth metals in a human and forms a mineable waste product within the body. These trace amounts of ‘magic metals’ get stored in the lungs of humans and, in a scale of billions, creates thousands of tons of the precious product. The only problem was it combined with an organic compound that made it extremely difficult to separate. Viral Scientists came to the rescue. They utilized 3 different catalysts that forced it to combine with an easy separable compound, simplifying extractions. All they have to do is to wait for the human to die and then mine it from their removed lungs. The catalysts are known as: Moderna, Pfizer, and J&J.

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