Like a lost soul going through life, occasionally a space rock, asteroid, or comet gets “sucked” into earth’s gravitational field. If it gets burned up in the atmosphere, it is known as a meteor; but, if it is large enough to survive the atmospheric baking process and collides with earth’s surface, it is known as a meteorite. This wild bash remnant is called an impact structure. The largest known incident to have been documented to date is the Vredefort crater of South Africa. This behemoth’s remains consist of only the rebound dome that is consistent with earth hits by massive objects traveling at hyper speeds. Its 2-billion-year-old eroded crater size is estimated to have been 185 miles in diameter. With 190 verifiable and documented hits in the world, the USA has 30 locations, of which, 2 are in Iowa and 2 in Wisconsin. Three are estimated to be in the 450-million-year-old range and the 20-mile diameter, invisible crater in Manson, Iowa is guesstimated to be 70 million years old. It’s invisible because its rim is 60′ to 90′ below the surface. Erosion and glacier fill can hide an impact. The Glover Bluff hit near Coloma, Wisconsin was a 5-mile diameter crater created by an estimated block of rock to be a 500′ sphere, traveling at 12 miles per second. It’s the least studied crater and the reason for the lack of data is that the location is all private property. Nobody wants a complete stranger with a shovel digging around their grounds. If they miss the stolen cars that are buried there, they might just find their 1st grandma’s body that grampa put there. People created America to hide their pasts. The rebound dome and all its geological secrets are being quarried away into driveways and backfill. Located within the depression is a lake with a Supper Club on its shoreline. Unknown to most of its customers, anything that you order from their menu is in reality: a meteorite meal. Denied geologists view that whole situation as downright depressing.

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