With a 3rd backwards car in his possession since his arrival, Jake left lovely Wellington and plotted a route up the west coast of the North Island. Setting his headings on a coastal town called New Plymouth that is located on a western protrusion of the North Island, this semi-circular land juts out there because of one 8,241′, conical volcano called Mount Taranaki. The surrounding plain disappears into the Tasman Sea on the western half and the entire circle around this impressive peak is fertile farmland. The perfectly formed cinder cone volcano closely resembles 12,000′ Mount Fuji in Japan so much, that the locals struck a deal with Mishima, Japan to become Sister Cities. The trend now in global recognition is to have your town have a similar Sister City somewhere else in the world. As Jake looked back in his past growing up with 2 sisters, all he saw was internal strife and fighting. Mr. Uff envisioned an invasion party from Mishima landing on the shores of New Plymouth some day in the future. From his motel room he saw the beauty of that mighty volcano and made plans to climb it the next day. He set out early in the morning and located a trail through the rainforest and up to the summit. Bad idea. The weather had brought in intensive fog and visibility was about 20′. Exiting the upper forest limit and hitting the 40° pebble slope, it became 2 steps up and 1 sliding back on those rocky roller bearings. After 4 hours, and having no idea where he was due to the chili thick fog, Jake said, “Fuck this!” and back down he went. With the final 2 days in Auckland, he explored the downtown area, talked to the locals, and made preparations to fly out on Friday. Under the watchful eye of the Gestopo Custom Goons, Jake had fun looking suspicious and making erratic movements in the airport. So, in reality, what would they have done? Put him on a plane and fly him out of the country? Come on guys, smile a little. You live in some absolutely stunning surroundings. 

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