The longer the current pandemic lingers, the more bizarre the direction of where this experiment is going. With conspiracy theories tossed around like flotsam on an ocean, 1 must try and contemplate what is really going on. With every new seasonal strain hitting the airwaves and causing nervousness, 1 wonders who invented these “bugs” and why they released them on the public. If you look back in human history, you will always see weapons used to exterminate their appointed enemies and there are new industries created to improve weapon kill ratios. First with sticks and stones, then metallurgy, trebuchets, gunpowder, and advanced explosives, poisonous gases, nuclear weapons, and now, human viral dispersal. Even today, through organizations such as DARPA, a constant search for improved weaponry is always on hand. Humans are very good at killing each other. With 5 decades of nuclear weapon engineering, someone saw the extravagant costs in the development of human annihilation and tried to reign it in. Yet, they still float the oceans, come raining down from aircraft and sit in silos waiting for the season of the button. Their only drawback is utter infrastructure decimation. Humans are tightwads. They don’t like to rebuild a country they just destroyed. So, someone tugged on the pants leg of a general and said he had an idea to trash people but leave bridges and buildings intact. They gave him a lab and lots of loot. When done, the military wanted a demonstration, so they gave him a planet to practice on. Wow. Look at them drop, and watch them piss off the medical industry who had to absorb this ugly mess. With decades of protein research, someone found a master key to get into human cells and hung some nasty crap on it. Human ingenuity for destruction is legendary. The slang expression of SHIT THE VID is in reference to contracting the virus which will probably give you the diarrhea, as your body tries to purge this invader. Sometimes, the VID WILL SHIT YOU.

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