Mr. Finn McKraut approached the 3D timber, X-shaped structures known as Czech Hedgehogs. They were placed about 10′ apart and interconnected with a multitude of barbed and razor wire stringers. Unable to economically dig into the rocky terrain, the Brits locked these barriers to the surface with concrete and stone deadweights before lacing them with flesh slicers. The conflict history is 9 centuries old and 2-sided, so good luck figuring it out. Finn was your typical Ugly American with no knowledge of its meaning and just saw the unmanned crossing through Northern Ireland back towards Dublin as a shortcut. Passing a barrage of cameras and heading towards an IRA target, known as Londonderry, Finn grinned, “that was easy,” and off he went. He first noticed a problem when he stopped for gas. The British citizen at the establishment refused to take his Irish money, and a credit card saved him. Driving thru Londonderry, Finn noticed he was being stared at suspiciously at every red light he encountered. It only took a short while until the light went off in his head; his vehicle had Ireland license plates. Now heading towards Belfast, he saw an upgrade in the economy as everything was cleaner, well-maintained, and modern. As Mr. McKraut made his way through Belfast, he was amazed at the infrastructure that existed in the city as compared to Dublin. But, again, he was being dissected by every motorist that came within visual inspection of his Irish car. Finn now knew what a black man felt like when driving through an affluent white neighborhood. As the sun went down, Finn thought about getting a motel in Belfast, but common sense kicked in as he thought about his rental car being the target of a hate crime. Finn didn’t need the aggravation, so he crossed the border back into Ireland, got a hotel, and settled in for the night. The next day he reflected on his decision to enter Northern Ireland, 6 days after an IRA bombing in London. He was glad he was still intact.

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