As Finn’s trip to Ireland was winding down, a bit of Irish luck was with him, and the weather cooperated perfectly. Finn had stumbled on a really nice Motor Inn and they had delicious Irish meals to boot. Arriving late last night and taking advantage of his free European breakfast that is loaded with cold cuts, Finn overheard the receptionist say that it was going to be an all day, heavy rain. He asked to stay another night at the same discounted rate he paid before. She obliged. Traveling in a foreign country that is loaded with history and honeycombed with scenery is not enjoyable in a downpour. Finn had an opportunity today to take care of his nagging chore of coming up with a blueprint for his and his wife’s dream house back in America. Armed with graph paper, pencils, and a full-blown restaurant just down the hall, Finn could get this done. After 6 hours and a garbage can full of do overs, Finn had built this structure in his head, taking into account the setbacks, the economical use of wood framing, and practicality. He finished just as a rainbow appeared out his motel’s window with a hearty shepherd’s pie waiting for him in the dining room. After lunch, Finn took off for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow in Ireland, but the leprechaun kept sliding it out of his reach. Silly American: gold is for trust fund babies. With a 2-hour romp around the surrounding farmlands, Finn made friends with an inquisitive goat and soon, it was back to the motel to read and prep for tomorrow’s trip to Dublin and a next day departure back to the States. The following morning was clear and a balmy 55°F. Not too shabby for a country that sits on the same latitude as Hudson Bay, in February. Thank the Gulf Stream Current for that gift. Touring Dublin’s backstreets, Finn found a pub and tuned into the heavy Irish accented conversations but remained quiet because 1 only learns when 1 listens, even if it is bullshit. Politics and careers are the subjects, but no one cares.

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