Upon returning the reject rental car, Finn had a couple of extra Irish punta (pounds) in his pocket. Normally forced to send his rental cars thru the car wash due to his habit of taking them off roads, the heavy rains washed away the dust quite nicely. If you have more than $60 in foreign currency at the end of a trip, take it to the currency exchange in the airport; they’ll nick you 10-20%. Otherwise, go to the duty-free shop and blow it. Odds are, you’re not coming back because you saw this place already, and life is unpredictable. Music is the common denominator in all cultures and local talent was not distributed worldwide in 1996. Finn went over to the music rack in the duty-free shop and grabbed a SIMPLEY RED tape and took it home. Finn still listens to it today. US music sucks, in that you get a few choices, and most music is forced on you. Period! Stopping at Heathrow to change planes, Finn found a shop that carried many brands of chocolate bars. He bought 1 and put it in his carry-on. With his standard issue window seat, Finn was always rubber necking, looking for interesting geological formations from 35,000 feet. Over Northeast Canada, Finn spotted a highway that ran east to west for 45 minutes and then south for half an hour. That put that highway length at over 600 miles in a land that has no roads. A future road trip was brewing. Flying into Detroit’s International Airport, it was another encounter with those pricks at customs. Prior to 9-11, going into Canada was no problem at all. Returning to the US as a US citizen, you got harassed at certain locations and De-troilet was #1. Coming back from Canada on multiple occasions and encountering the wrath of the custom agents was a given. After departing the plane, Finn needed to use the bathroom and reached into his bag. He put that chocolate bar under his arm and when it was soft, mushed it into a clean pair of white underwear right on top. As expected, the guard went thru his bag. Payback Asshole!

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