A major drive is alive to increase the population of Colorful Colorado, so as to give the primarily ‘blue state’ more voting oomph. Already a front runner in the legalized drug sales, and the home to a major brewery and hundreds of micro-brews, the only thing this State lacks in the vice department is major gambling and prostitution. With women renting illegal in 49 states, efforts are underway to chisel these barriers down. A plan is underway to build a network of gambling casinos along the eastern slope of the Rockies down the entire length of the state to create a net for catching human weaknesses. With prostitution an ugly word for the Bible stroker crowd around Colorado Springs, it has now been relabeled as: Eve offerings, Virgin Mary rest stops, and Adam’s rib rentals. The politically correct designations will tone down the stigma of the world’s oldest trade and produce income for impoverished women who are down on their luck by going down on their knees. State regulated ticketing agencies will eliminate the pimps and their violent ways and send them off to warring tribes in 3rd world hell holes. With a government agency in charge, similar to the Red Light District of Amsterdam, all funds will be recorded and taxed just like an alcoholic beverage. Gift cards for future rentals can be given to boys and girls on their 18th birthdays to keep the experience medically safe and sound. Recording devices are prohibited. With business transactions upgraded with Sex Gift Cards, a ‘hole’ new industry will be generated as money flows in, whether sexual deals materialize or not. No refunds allowed. With these discreet rewards taking place in hotel rooms as an upgrade, the hospitality industry will experience an uptick in ‘up-dicks,’ creating more cash flow for Colorado’s coffers. Now, with a centrally located source for sex, drugs, booze, gambling, camping, hiking, and entertainment, all the support industries will be looking for help. Keep them ‘doggies rollin’ in.

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