Ramping up the number of casinos in Colorado, by building them in the plains 15-50 miles east of the foothills, will take them out of the populated areas and make them much more accessible than jamming them up in the mountains. A 50-mile gap will be created around Colorado Springs to appease the 1/3 minority that are Christians or 1 of the other 4200 different religions. God forbid that they should have to suffer STATISTIC SINNERS so close to home. With 280 miles of N-S interconnected casinos, a 50 mile ‘no gambling zone’ is tolerable. A high-speed bullet train that runs between the complexes, can quickly get a losing Trinidad, Colorado gambler up to ‘lucky’ Fort Collins in just over an hour with a free drink included. Gambling is allowed on the high-speed train except for the 10 minutes to pass through the holy land at full speed. This money magnet area will intercept all east coast air traffic that was destined for Las Vegas, saving them 2 hours of flight time that will now be used for gambling and its direct result: winning big money. The population of greater Las Vegas in 1940 was 8,000, in 1980 it was 450,000 and, in 2020, it was 2.3 million. You cannot argue with those statistics; vices increase populations tremendously, even if very few of them are participating in their addictive behavior. These institutions of dire learning are an important industry in America because nearly every State sees this as a source of rapid revenue and, after all, in America, it’s all about money and the pompous flash it can buy. The whole goal of these vice installations is to raise the population of Colorado up to superstate status like California, New York, Florida, Texas, and Illinois. This way, any candidate would not bother campaigning in small population states like Wyoming. These states could then be an oasis for people who are fed up with the whole propaganda spew fest and wish to live their lives in peace and harmony without a verbal shit storm every 4 years

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