The consensus is that a good supply of fully expanded human embryos (adults) would prefer to live in rocky canyons rather than coexist with their counterparts in tract, home subdivisions. The only advantage of the latter would be that your little accident, named Johnny, would have numerous playmates to share experiences with. In time, some overachieving parents would accept little Johnny into their clan and would keep the little imp over at their house day and night. As these 2 juvenile delinquents got more proficient in their criminal activities, your house would be burglarized first, as they would know your modus operandi. This is why you move to a remote canyon that you share with 2 other survivalists and an America’s most wanted felon, who goes by the name of Ted Zinski, or something like that. You now enjoy the remoteness and savor all the poached deer that errantly entered your backyard at 10PM. You know for a fact that your neighbors will never call the cops on you because they have way more to hide than you possibly do. As you grow older, and Johnny gets more vicious, the finer things of life are appreciated more. Things like watching the brook trout that swim in the creek at the foot of the canyon cliff. Also, the maple tree on the valley floor that produces shade in the summer heat but is tempered by a light breeze forced through the canyon walls. The array of spectacular colors that sugar maple portrays in the late fall, and the serene look of a winter’s morning as a light dusting of snow glitters the valley. After 3 months of this incredible display ends, the exploding spring brings forth life and exuberance. The intensity of all growth is only limited by the nourishing rains. And here they come. As the skies go from a bright, baby blue to charcoal grey, and then black, the drizzle picks up tempo and the droplets fall. The heavens unload their cleansing action, and you are amazed at the power of that beautiful lady who controls all: Mother Nature.

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