A human being is no different than a cockroach in behavior. They seek safety in their resting mode and enjoy crawling into cracks and crevices. If their anuses were big enough, they’d shoot up there and turn themselves inside out, thus resembling a throbbing pile of shit that no one would mess with, except maybe a dung (dumb) beetle. The human habitat usually consists of a wooden structure because of its widespread availability, and if this commodity were left untouched by the environmental rapists (the lumber barons and their customers), this asset would be everywhere. The only exceptions would be polar and arid locations. Trees can literally grow out of cracks in the rocks, so they must share some similarities to the lowly cockroach and their 2-legged counterparts, known as humans. The cracks that humans seek to erect their structures in are known as canyons. With nearly vertical walls of rock on 2 or 3 sides, they make excellent fortified locations for erecting one’s dwelling. This shrinks down access points for enemies to approach the inhabitants, as most canyon walls are too steep to approach by foot from above. They also double as tornado blocks as they direct linear breezes to counteract rotation. Another advantage is that it directs migratory species right to the occupant’s dinner table as most of these 2-legged, tree killing, cockroach knockoffs are predatory omnivores. Can you pass the salt and chain saw please? Luckily, nature saw fit to deny them of gut bacteria that would digest wood fibers, or we’d all be living on a blue Mars, devoid of all Spermatyphyta (trees). One of the envious points of living in a canyon is the projection of fear. With an impressive wall of vertical rock framing the human’s abode, nothing is more influential on a biped than the dimension of height. If doubting that last statement, merely take your spouse or loved one over to a cliff and give them a very slight forward force. You’ll be sleeping all alone that very evening.

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