A deck of cards, with the back of each card identical to hide the value from other players, has created a pastime for humans that was first noticed in the 1100’s. Since then, it has moved around the world and Western civilization created the 4-suit, 13-value set of cards that is used today. Many games and strategies have arisen from these playing cards and are a great way to promote competition and socialization without physical stress or impact. That is, if no one cheats. The games conjured involve partial, full, and multiple decks obeying various rules to accomplish the goal. Emotions are enhanced if money is introduced. With poker tournaments exceeding $80 million and a 1st prize of $10 million, this will really bring tears to all the losers. Card games are very popular with people who are temporarily trapped in their environments. Examples are maritime sailors, remote military installations, incarcerated prisoners, and nursing home residents. They offer a break from the monotony of their lifestyles and can generate humorous stories amongst their fellow employees or inmates. Sometimes card games are banned or discouraged in certain circles. Submarine sailors are taught to suppress all verbal outbreaks lest they give away their underwater locations to the enemy. A new ban on an old card game at nursing homes has been implemented to suppress emotional distress that can have serious medical ramifications on heart and lung functions of the elderly. The game that has been outlawed at all U.S. assisted living facilities is strip poker. With 6 to 10 decades of gravity tugging on human skin, it is just too much for a civilized species. Tits that resemble beaver tails invoke raised eyebrows, as the flat, fleshy globs of fat look like they’ve spent a lifetime slapping mud. Male genitalia that once was attached tightly to the groin now hangs like semen from a chin. Labia and scrotums resemble 3rd world, open markets where brown meats hang. Folks, it ain’t pretty.

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