The reasons for travel to foreign lands during a holiday or vacation are as diverse as the number of ears of corn in Kansas. Some come to read uninterrupted, some come to tan, others come to explore, and still others come to sample the cuisine. A few are there to meet new and interesting people and a few to find out if spouse swapping is a possibility. Some men find it compelling to send their seeds off to the 4 corners of the earth. The reasons are endless. Mr. Charlie Cox was there for 2 reasons. The 1st was to see for himself if the reported rumor was true, being that Bora Bora is the world’s most beautiful spot on earth. It very well could be depending on who you ask. The 2nd was to hike around a unique and exotic location that has some interesting history. With a few more days left, he learned of an anti-aircraft gun installed there during WW2 by the Americans. It would be sheer luck to be stationed on this gorgeous island far removed from the War’s meat grinder machinery. Sounds like a job for a Senator’s Son. Charlie went looking for the weapon without directions. Tropical jungles hide time and death very well. The last day involved a rented bicycle trip to circumnavigate the inner land mass. Passing all his previous stopping points, Charlie took the better part of the day searching for that gun. What he did find was a 50ish man from Michigan whose job was to dance with the widows on a cruise ship. He had to restrain himself daily from the perils of the Penis Fly Traps that infested the ship’s staterooms. That is why this man was in the middle of nowhere, alone. His job was tough. Charlie got back to his room exhausted at 9 at night and slept amongst the flower heads. Transported back to the ring island and the airstrip, Charlie gave the island 1 last look and boarded. As the plane gained altitude and banked SE, he looked out the cabin window and there below him was the gun he sought for days. He missed it by 300′ on 1 of his treks. DAMN!

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