The little brown imp from India was at it again. Hovering around 30″ tall and cresting his existence at an estimated 30 months, baby Chandra was on a mission to annoy. Fidgeting in the seat ahead of Charlie Cox, an American enroute to Tahiti, the bantam brat set his 8-hour flight time on being a pain to everyone. Trying to get comfortable on an Air France flight with only 9″ of leg room between the seats, Charlie was becoming agitated. Chandran’s mother was in a catatonic state as she held her son to her chest forcing the boy’s gaze to the rear of the cabin. Most believe she was praying for a plane crash. Halfway through the flight, Chandra was involved in a stare down with Mr. Cox, and neither 1 was going to back down. Charlie reached in his pocket and secretly pulled out a Chicklets gum piece. He then took his hand and started pulling on his front tooth. After a minute of cranking his head side to side and up and down, the tooth was extracted, and the Chicklet gum was shown to Chandra. With his lips curled over his teeth, Charlie offered the tooth to the incorrigible kid who promptly changed his ways and spun around. Little Chandra bothered no one for the rest of the flight. With that problem solved, Charlie himself was fidgeting in the confined seating arrangement that was set up for midgets. He constantly looked out into the endless ocean below and saw only darkness. This vast planet shows its immense size over the featureless night waters from 35,000′. As daylight started to illuminate the surface below, a few small dots appeared that were, in reality, huge cargo ships plying the Pacific Ocean, dropping off Wartmart trinkets along the way. As Charlie felt the throttles being relaxed, he knew he would be on the ground shortly, at Pape’ete, where he would be entertained by the Custom Agents and their antics. Upon departing the plane, Charlie passed the seat containing little Chandra and stopped. He let loose with a big smile showing all his teeth intact.

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