Getting past customs quite easily, Charlie Cox figured out that a remote country with a small population just doesn’t harass its visitors that have some money and skill sets. This is unlike the Western World Nations that scrutinize all visitors and returning citizens as full-blown terrorists, subject to ‘anal’ examinations. Free to wander the airport while waiting for his connecting flight to the island known as Bora Bora, Mr. Cox was enjoying his 85° weather. Only 16 hours earlier, he was leaving his Midwestern State that was hovering below freezing and caused his genitalia to retract into the body like a turtle head in the midst of defeat. Boarding a commuter jet to the “world’s most beautiful island,” it was less than an hour as the plane descended to the airport located on the outer ring island. The French Polynesian islands, in the Southern Hemisphere, are very similar to the Hawaiian Islands, to the north, in that the farther you travel west, the more eroded the islands are. Going east will put you into the Marquesas Islands which are pretty much the tops of volcanic mountains. They all contain very dramatic geology in a very remote location. An interesting fun fact of this area is that from 1966-74, France detonated 41 atmospheric nuclear weapons and a total of 193 tests including thermonuclear (fusion) weapons. Nice to know humans love to sterilize paradise. As the tourists deplaned, they were escorted to a pier where a motorized craft scooted them across the colorful lagoon to the mainland and their selected hotels. The flat ringed barrier islands were in stark contrast to the steep central island that dipped down and flattened out to beaches on the inner side of the circular lagoon. These flat areas are where all the hotels and population are located, including bedroom huts sitting on stilts over the fish-infested, turquoise, lagoon waters. Many a child were conceived there and rightly so. Humans are on the same branch as fish in the tree of life.

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