The sod infested Torino jumped back on to its familiar terrain of a city street at the end of campus mall and immediately headed for a dormitory that loomed nearby. With a series of buildings that faced the street, Dopey wasn’t sure which 1 housed the 2 whiners in the back seat. “Which 1 is yours?” He questioned. “That tall 1 right there; the 1 with all the steps out front,” was the reply from the 1 who instantly shut off her disdain to get her point across. Her friend followed suit as their “horrible experience” was soon coming to an end. “Do you want me to drop you girls off at the front door?” was the imposed question of Dopey, who then looked at Pole-lock with a sheepish grin. “Yes! Yes!” was their harmonized response. “Drop us there, NOW!” Pole-lock knew where this was going. Here was a high-rise building that had its main entrance elevated 18′ above existing grade. It was obvious the basement was designed with a high ceiling to house a giant boiler to heat this structure. This forced the main entrance to the building higher up with around 40 or so stairs in a wide, concrete staircase to access it. A flood plain valley, and no American Disability Act law available at the time, created this imposing entrance. Dopey analyzed the parameters and hit that staircase at a 60° angle with 1/2 throttle. The Torino climbed that massive staircase like a Puma in the jungle. In no time at all, the car came to a stop at the large, flat landing in front of the dormitory doors. Instantly, the 2 back doors flew open and the unsociable girls hoofed it through the dorm’s doors, never to be seen again. The 2 clowns in the car looked at each other, laughed, and then had to get out of their seats and go and close the back doors that were so rudely left open. Dopey spun the car around and hit the stairs obliquely so as not to bottom out. As he came off the last 1, he gunned the agile Torino and hit the streets arunnin’.  It was now time to disappear into the dark.

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