Youth is a kaleidoscope of experiences and observations that changes as 1 rotates through time. Depending on the color of the minerals within the kaleidoscope, an individual is brought into focus only to morph into someone else, until age solidifies the final view. The 2 young female passengers, that exited that Torino that evening, went on to become wives and maybe mothers of many. Who knows? Their evening of adventure terminated into: no one getting hurt or lied to. They merely jumped on an amusement ride run by 2 “carnies” hell bent on flexing the rules and, in the process, created future memories accompanied by laughter. Where these 2 women are in life is a mystery, but Nature’s internal chemistry more than likely turned them into protective mothers in some random neighborhood, located in another State. We wish them well and apologize. Meanwhile, back at the Torino, Dopey was testing the limits of a modern chariot being driven through the brush alongside city streets. The other 2 Dwarfs were more than likely back at their motel, whose location was known by Pole-lock because he had slept there the night before. Dopey wasn’t going back to his beached houseboat. Stumbling into the hotel room around 2AM, the 2 laughing hyenas awoke the 2 “dancing queens” who left the nightclub alone, 2 nights in a row. Porn stars give the impression that sex is easily obtainable, but for most, success is fleetingly rare. The Torino twosome were trying to relay the night’s experiences, but constant laughter interrupted the stories. Finally, sleep shut them up. The next morning, Wop and Bonehead were examining the “rental” and started questioning the scratches on the dust-laden Torino and the sod-filled wheel wells. Chuckles was all they got as a reply. Cleaning out the motel room, it was time to depart for home, 3 hours on the other side of the State. Wop confronted Dopey and told him it was time to ditch the car. He declined saying, “Can’t! Its got a full tank of gas!”

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