A collection of families and their non-genealogy counterparts, known as friends, gather at a single location to celebrate an ancient, pagan ritual that involves portraying someone else. Assisted by period dress, accessories, and cosmetics, these revelers drift amongst the other guests and are in pursuit of finding new, non-family bonds. In the lives of young children, the family structure is the hallowed grounds of development. Growing up with a steady diet of experiences consisting of brothers, sisters and cousins, change is needed, or mental and genetic stagnation will occur. Being sent to school is a step in the right direction but your whole goal of being incarcerated in this information prison is about education and taking commands from new adult figures, known as teachers. The bonds being formed here with kids of their own age are extremely limited, as any conversations between these youths is quickly stifled by the class drill sergeants. With exit plans that depart the school grounds quickly, the only time for idea exchanges are a few brief recesses when the teachers seek refuge together and on the busses that transport the little, future, organic lifeforms. Family dictates a structured regime. As the child grows into adulthood, they separate from the fascist fold only because the clan’s elders know the downfalls of inter-breeding. Soon the sperm and egg crowd are released into the rivers of humanity. Halloween parties are the lakes of reproduction where new fish swim in family-free environments. The attire worn is from the designer firm of DDL (Deceit, Disguise, and Lies) and, pretty soon, the Bad Ass Rapper of Innashitty meets the Princess of the Suburban Highlands. It is lust at first sight, and all restrictions go out the motel’s windows. The 2 families are now joined at the groin, and the family process starts over again. Thanks to Halloween parties, there are now lucrative careers for divorce attorneys and social workers.

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