When traveling the world, at times, 1 will encounter a 2 star motel that is serviced by a person who suffers from OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). Consider yourself lucky. Tom Foolery’s motel room sparkled like a highly polished diamond and, 20 years later, this 2-night memory is still in his head just like a sinus cavity. Feeling better, he contemplated continuing on his planned journey to Labrador. However, he had lost 2 days at the St. Lawrence River because the auto ferry was only for faggots speaking le francais, or at least that was Tom’s version. Two more days were lost being sick in a clean room, if that’s even possible. Tom had figured 2 days to drive to Goose Bay, New Foundland, and 2 days back. That left him with no time to get there as all his travel arrangements were based on a 10-day trip. It is hard to swallow defeat after suffering a sore throat. Tom did drive north on Quebec Hwy. 389 for 30 kilometers until he reached the Barrage Manic #2 hydro plant. Quebec is all about hydro power and this one hummed big money on those power lines. Taking a few pictures and a looking north up that long highway, Tom did his General Douglas MacArthur impersonation and said, “I shall return.” With that, he spun around and headed back to Baie-Comeau and then southwest on Quebec 138 towards Quebec City, 413 kilometers away. Tom wasn’t going to float across the Seaway again. He was going to drive down to where it narrowed, and he could drive over it on a bridge. With fantastic scenery and a quick flip southeast over the bridge, Tom was headed for Maine. With a heartwarming welcome back by the American Border Patrol, he drove to Portland. After turning in his rental car and boarding the commercial aircraft home with minutes to spare, Mr. Foolery was planning another motorized assault on the unwitting, docile citizens and critters of Labrador/New Foundland. This invasion would take place next summer, one year from now. Until then, they are perfectly safe. 


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