Jeff Mule was a burro who held rock solid to his beliefs. Although an admirable quality in mules, saturation in this behavior can overrule common sense, and thus, alienate relationships with his fellow jackasses. Jeff was relying on his extensive education on the farm of knowledge that he was a student of. He had little patience with those critters who stumbled around the barnyards of bumbling ignorance. Danny Donkey was a Bohemian ass and was educated in life but lacked a diploma. One day, Farmer Fang Quang redirected pressurized ground water and created quicksand. This dangerous substance had the power to kill innocent farm animals and brought fear into the barnyard. The Mule Media was activated and sent all the farm animals scurrying.  They told all the asses to stay in the barns, never to venture out into the real world again. Using animals that had disappeared into the quicksand as examples, the Mule Media convinced a “healthy” percentage to join the Chicken Little Society and proclaim that the quicksand is everywhere. The veterinarians rushed to the scene and came up with a cure that involved tying helium balloons to fearful asses. This brought calm to some, while others questioned the logic. Interviewing animals who fell into the quicksand and, after a short struggle, crawled out, Danny Donkey made up his own mind and avoided the helium balloons. Sometimes the strings securing these “saviors” got stuck on an appendage and severed a limb. Danny Donkey lost a leg to this situation years ago and decided to refrain from this contrived experiment. The quicksand doesn’t kill you, your response to the distress kills you. So, Danny Donkey took a chance and walked right into the pit. He survived, as did a multitude of other animals. There are 2 trains of thought to this scourge that awaits all. The choice taken becomes an individual’s, and examples are selected that reinforces their beliefs. Who is right? In war, is there ever a real winner? Ask any soldier.

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