Protecting its interest in the military importance of the St. Lawrence Seaway, Quebec has claimed land on both sides of the eastward expanding river. This gives control to a major transportation corridor all the way to Cornwall, thereby robbing the US of a protected, deep-water harbor. Who’s the jester now? Upon crossing into Quebec, everything changed. People made no sense and, if you uttered English, they had no time for you. Welcome to another foreign country, ye Ugly American. Heading to Mantane, Quebec which provided an auto ferry service to Baie Comeau on the north side of the now 38-mile-wide St. Lawrence, Tom discovered that the other 1 million people left in Canada were taking that ferry. He was put on standby status and told it may take a day or 2 to get onboard. With his car parked in the standby lane, Tom secured a motel and every 6 hours would walk over to his vehicle and move it up 2 or 3 spots as the latest ferry pulled away from the marina. This was NOT what Mr. Foolery had bargained for: stuck in France with no interpreter. To aggravate an already stressful condition, Tom’s body’s immune system was waking up. Lucky Tom had picked up a Frenchie virus that had hitched a ride on its new American ferry. Feeling like crap on the second day, Tom got up at 5AM to walk over to his vehicle and after an hour of loading the boat, was flagged on. Now, he could be sick on the boat and on the north side of the river, farther from home. With a ferry traffic director yelling at Tom in French, he was dumbfounded. Finally, a bilingual citizen walked up to Tom and explained that the “loader” had wanted him to move his vehicle to another location. The pissed-off and sick Mr. Foolery got back in his vehicle and told the interpreter, “Tell that fucker if he’s going to work in Canada to speak fucking English!” Miscommunication is the foundation of all wars. Finding an insanely clean motel in Baie-Comeau, Tom hunkered down for 2 days and started feeling better. 

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