In the scheme of things, very few ideas go according to plan. The planet is peppered with Murphy’s Law results, and people just accept the fact that if something can go wrong, then it will go wrong. In Tom Foolery’s world, his goal to return to Labrador, and drive up that road he attempted last year, was put on hold for 5 years. More interesting places distracted Tom’s attention, and his goal was moved to the back of the brain. There is nothing wrong with this scenario, as long as the journey eventually takes place, because age increases wisdom (we hope) and new insights are gained while the body slowly fails. It is now a race to finish unfinished adventures. Tom purchased his plane ticket with old memories as his mentor. He remembered being stuck on the south side of the St. Lawrence Seaway and, thus, ordered his itinerary to land him at Quebec, on the north side. Poor experiences make for an excellent instructor. With his window seat selected, Mr. Tom Foolery was stratosphere bound and off to complete his mission to cruise down that highway that he observed 7 years ago, from another window seat. He watched as 4 Great Lakes disappeared under his floorboards and gave way to 1 river that increased in girth on its northeast trip to conveyor fresh water into a salty ocean. Upon landing in Quebec, an incident that happened 10 months ago had repercussions that hindered Tom’s goal. The 9/11 tragedy had caused the friendly eh-dares to go into Gestapo overdrive. With Passport and duffle bag in hand, he headed for customs. First on the list was a female agent who did not like Tom’s answers to her questions. “No, no, and don’t know,” were not the answers she wanted to hear from her 3 inquires. “Are you here on business?” Do you have family in Canada?” Where will you be staying?” She then passed Tom off to the Blackman who asked the 3 same questions, but intensely watched Tom’s body language. Terrorist recognition training was rampant, and every employee was now an expert. 

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