Tom Foolery is now caught up in the paranoia that trickles down from some militants’ actions that were a result of another government’s foreign policy. The innocent people get the brunt of the repercussions because someone in intelligence was asleep at the wheel. As the Blackman eyed up the potential American tourist/terrorist, he did not want to be the 1 who inadvertently let him in to Canada. With a failing mark, Tom was sent down the hall to the man from India who ran the Slurppy Computer. The Indian/Canadian border agent grabbed Mr. Foolery’s passport and let his fingers fly on that all-knowing keyboard, looking for drunk driving, felonies, or even littering charges. None surfaced. Again, border guard Hrithik, or the Hindi meaning for: intelligent person, did not want to be the fool who let Foolery in, so he passed him on to Caucasian Carl. Carl was a middle-aged man who looked the part of a typical Canadian: outdoorsy. Asking why Tom came to his country, Tom relayed the story of how 7 years ago, he observed a road in northern Canada from his window seat and wanted to drive down that road to, “check it out.” Carl then asked Tom if he had any weapons in his duffle bag to which Tom said, “No!” Carl replied, “can I check it out?” The response from Tom, who was losing his patience was, “knock yourself out.” Carl lifted the bag onto a stainless-steel table and unhooked the opening. He pulled out a clean change of clothes, flipped the bag several times, and squeezed the outside in 3 places. Carl then returned the removed contents back into the bag, reattached the hook, and slid the bag towards Tom. He smiled and said, “well get going.” It only took 4 people to find 1 who thought like Tom, and now with his Frenchie rental car underneath, Tom was down the road. Two days later he was on Quebec highway 389 that started at Baie-Comeau. Five years ago, he did that distance in 5 hours. Now, without a plane to catch, Tom did what all travelers do. He explored on foot. 

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