Enough of the big city scenery, it was time to loosen the load and hit the highway. Out there, amongst nature (fauna), nutrition (flora), and Newtonian physics (terrain), is where the real sights lie. Human endeavors, such as architecture, can supply satisfaction but it won’t be long before a cartload of monkeys (humans) tip over and spill the stupidity of backboned mammals. As one goes through a museum or auditorium, the background conversations are very similar to Farcebook banter. “Did you know that Bob’s gay?” “Karen has the diarrhea!” Or “I heard that China is going to invade Antarctica and set up button factories using penguins as slave labor.” Atmospheric pollution contains mostly pathetic human rhetoric. The good thing about foreign countries is that you can’t understand their language, so you won’t have to absorb their verbal vomit. Your car and the sparsely populated parks make for great insulators from human babble.  After 85 miles of slowly climbing a river valley, Lillehammer comes into view. Tucked into the foothold of the mountain range that separates the North Sea from southern Norway and reasonably flat Sweden, its location in this 1,000-foot elevation drop gave it the ability to host the 1994 Winter Olympics. The rules were changed to offset Summer and Winter games by 2 years. This was the only time when the Winter Olympics were 2 years apart. The Orthopedic doctors made a fortune. From Lillehammer to Trondheim is 336 kilometers of upcoming attractions on Norway scenery. First climbing, and then descending to nearly sea level, the terrain is magnificent and the 1 view that was absolutely stunning to Lars was a unique mountain off to the north. It stood alone. It was symmetrical and had 70° slopes all around. It’s top was spherical and tucked into the clouds. Not knowing the Nordic name, Lars named the stunning feature: Gumdrop Mountain because it resembled a giant gumdrop. Tourists are free to rename anything they want. They’ve earned it. 

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