As Lars descended down towards the Norwegian Sea, which is blocked by a multitude of high rocky islands, it becomes apparent that humans are nothing more than Earth bacterium with multiple forms of propulsion.  The country of Norway is like a dry, hard brownie facing the Atlantic Ocean that has been broken down into smaller sections, called seas. Without distinct borders in these overlapping seas, sailors looking eastward to the mainland of the continent of Scandinavian Europe only see a continuous wall of elevated rock. In reality, it is loaded with Fjords, Chjevies, and Djodges…. Only kidding. The fjords are spectacular cracks of the continental brownie that fractures inland at many angles and penetrations. The southern fjords, including the 1 hosting Bergen, are some of the most spectacular in the world and are best observed from the sea in boats. As 1 goes northward up to Trondheim, the elevations decrease but the starkness and dramatically pointy peaks increase in intensity. They dwarfed the puny, human bacteria in size, moving about in their trains and planes, Chineese-style junkers, and 4 wheeled, German clunkers. Lars pulled in for a few hours for fuel, both for the Viking Vessel and Mr. Larsen’s bacterial body. Northbound and pulling off frequently to soak in the amazing topography, he made it to Namsos, which is another picturesque city on a fabulous fjord. Another exciting phenomenon is the tidal exchanges. If the fjords are necked down by 2 mountains, the resulting whirlpools are simply mesmerizing. The Norwegians are not only experts on oil extraction in the North Sea, they are also seasoned tunnelers in hard rock in order for their roads to penetrate their mountainous backdrop. Lars ended the day with a glass of Akvavit, otherwise known as Snaps (which is a potato liquor seasoned with herbs), lapskaus (a Norwegian stew), and for dessert: a slice of a delicious chocolate brownie that Linguistic Lars reclassified as a piece of Norwegian Soil. Yummy. 

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